Buying a SIM Card in Istanbul: Guide

21 Haziran 2023

Buying a SIM Card in Istanbul: Guide

Welcome to Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! With wonderful scenes, museums, historical artifacts, and more! And they are all spread around the city. So how are you going to find a place you don’t know anything about in a completely strange city? And which transportation will you use? A taxi would be great but who will call? Don’t want to bother anyone.


How about sharing posts about this delightful city on social media? Or face timing with friends? A little bit of data could be handy actually. Perhaps the hotel Wi-Fi? You can’t use it on the outside. Maybe a restaurant but you are going to leave there eventually. Seems like what you need is a SIM card in Istanbul.


Turkey local SIM card is really helpful for your trip. As a tourist, local people would love to help you but there can be struggles in translation. With a SIM card in Turkey, you can use the internet and have a pleasant vacation.


What SIM can I use in Istanbul?


As one of the leading network operators in the world, Vodafone provides network for your needs in Istanbul. Expanded 4.5G coverage offers continuous service and required help for the tourists.


How to get an Istanbul tourist a SIM card?


When you get to the airport, whether in Istanbul or Sabiha, you can find Vodafone operator stores within. Or in the town, there are various stores almost everywhere. You can run into one of the Vodafone stores and have your touristSIM card in Istanbul. You need to declare your passport and it’s all done.


How to get a SIM card in Istanbul?


After you enter the Vodafone store, you will ask for Turkey's tourist SIM card. Once you show your passport, you will get your tourist prepaid SIM card. Later, the personnel will activate your SIM card. Vodafone has a Welcome to Turkey Pack for the guests of Turkey. Everything you need is in this package for 28 days.


How much is a SIM card in Istanbul?


Vodafone Turkey offers the Welcome to Turkey Pack which includes 20 GB of internet, 750 minutes of calls, and 1000 SMS. After 28 days package will be over so you may have to renew the package. You can check the page regularly for updates on prices.