Welcome to Vodafone, one of the world’s leading telecommunications groups, now operating in around 30 countries and partnering with networks in over 50 more. With Vodafone Roaming, you have the freedom to use your mobile just like you do at home with our widest 4.5G coverage – keeping you connected to the people and things that matter to you wherever you travel in the world.

Roam with Vodafone, feel at home with our widest 4.5G coverage

Roam with Vodafone

How to switch to the Vodafone Turkey network?

Select the item corresponding to "manual network selection" from the menu of your mobile. A list of operators will be displayed on the screen.

Select Vodafone.

The Vodafone Turkey network appears on the screen as VODAFONE TR. Now, you are connected to the Vodafone network.

Stay connected on your holiday with Vodafone’s 4.5G Network

  • Keep calling & texting
    Once registered on the Vodafone Turkey network you will be able to make & receive calls and send & receive text messages.
    Don't forget the international dialing code "00" or "+" followed by the code of the country you're calling or texting to.
    For example; to call or text to a German number, enter: +49 X XXXXXXX XX XX or 00 49 XX XXXX XX XX
    To call or text to a Turkish number, enter: 0090 XXX XXX X XXX or +90 XXX XXX X XXX
  • Stay connected
    You can also stay connected to internet over EDGE/HSPA(3G+) or 4.5G during your stay.
    Connecting internet over EDGE/HSPA(3G+)/4.5G will provide you an improved experience with higher speed.
    For EDGE/HSPA(3G+)/4.5G connection, check whether your home operator has a GPRS/4.5G roaming agreement with Vodafone Turkey.
  • Questions?
    For any question, you can dial 542 or (+90 542) 542 00 00 to reach the Vodafone Call Center 24 hours / 7 days.
  • Customer Satisfaction Policy
    Vodafone always emplace subscribers to the center of its activities and offers the worlds best, most dependable, and the newest technologies for customer use firstly. According to the customer feedbacks, Vodafone manages based on the following main principles for handling the world standarts on a higher level in Turkey

    - Unconditional customer satisfaction is the main principle of our customer service policy and all customer satisfaction studies realize within the scope of this policy
    - According to the privacy of personel information policy, we share this information only with the customer
    - We handle all customer complaints without any distinction.
    - We create various of feedback channels and we share these channels with our customers for giving feedback.
    - During the solution process in every feedback , we care open communication, pre-informs the process and respond at the target time.
    - We take our clients' negative experiences as a lesson to ourselves and we take all complaints seriously.
    - We regularly review feedback channels and take actions that are relevant to our development areas
    - We develop our processes with the suggestions of our customers and employees the framework of our legal regulations and financial resources
    - Our vision is to become the leader of the digital conversion in Turkey, we will strive to improve our customers about our products and services and improve the user experience. We aim to proactively prevent dissatisfaction that may arise.
    - Our company is committed to investing human resources and technology to provide customer satisfaction