Prepaid SIM Card For Your Holiday

Pick-up your prepaid line in seconds with Vodafone Click & Collect service!

Fill out your info here and with just a few clicks, your prepaid line will be waiting you in Vodafone Shops (incl. airport shops)! After activating your SIM Card, you can buy your exclusive Tourist Pack with 20 GB internet, 750 minutes and 1000 SMS, valid for 28 days.

Tourist Exclusive Pack

  • 40 TL
  • 20GB
  • This pack is valid for 28 days
  • 750 Min.
  • 1000 SMS

Buy Now!

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    Tourist Exclusive Pack

    Tourist Exlusice Pack is eligible for subscribers that declare their pasaports whilst activation.

    Without any available pack, the standard exceeding fees for internet: 2 Kr/100 kB voice is 68,69 Kr/60 seconds, for SMS: 49 Kr/1 unit and for MMS: 90 Kr/ 1 unit.

    New SIM Card fee may vary from shop to shop.