Vodafone Tourist Line

Holiday Line

Stay connected on your holiday with Vodafone’s rich data offers

When you buy the Vodafone tourist line , you have 300 min calls in all directions, 30 min international calls, and 10GB data , valid for 90 days

  • How to call & text
    You can use your free 300 min calls in Turkey all directions and free 30 min international calls in all world except Cook Islands, Diego Garcia, East Timor, Falkland Islands, Guinea Bissau, Greenland, Guantanamo, Kirchati, North Korea, Cuba, Abroad Special Service Numbers, Ascension, Norfolk, Vanuatu, Samoa, Gambia, Lihtenştayn, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papau New Guinea, Saint Helena, Sao Tome and Principe, Solomon Islands, Somalia, Tokelau, Maldives, Tuvalu, Zimbabwe, Republic of Congo
    Call Rates
    All numbers in Turkey 0.70 TL/minute
    Sms Rates
    Local SMS 0.70 TL
    International SMS 0.80 TL
    Do not forget the international dialing code '00' or '+', followed by the code of the country you're calling or texting to.
    For example; if you wish to call or send an SMS to a friend in Germany, enter +49 XXXXXX XX XX or 0049 XXXXXX XX XX
    For MMS settings, you can call Vodafone Call Center, 542 or (+90 542) 542 00 00 or text MMS AYAR to 7048. After you receive the settings, save the settings and you can start sending your photos.

    Up to 3 prepaid lines can be activated by a foreigner. Recommended retail price is 69 TL. For international calls you will be charged according to the Standard International call tariff. MMS price is 0.80 TL. 10 KB is charged as 0.15 TL for internet usage. Charging increment is 60 seconds. All taxes are included. All prices are subject to change. For further information: vodafone.com.tr/en & Vodafone Shops.
  • How to connect
    Stay online with affordable mobile internet packs
    Monthly Internet Packs
    Pack Validity Price Subscription
    6 GB 1 month 50 TL Text ABONE 1AY6GB to 3636
    12 GB 3 months 80 TL Text ABONE 3AY12GB to 3636
  • Terms & Conditions
    Tourist Beginner’s Pack with a recommended sale price of 105 TL includes a one-time promotional offer of 300 min calls in all directions, 30 min international calls, and 10GB Internet usage in the country, valid for 90 days. Subscribers may receive the promo by texting the keyword in the Tourist Beginner’s Pack to 7000 free of charge. Unused content will be cancelled at the end of 90 days. Only persons with foreign nationality, with the exception of Syrian citizens, may get the Tourist Beginner’s Pack upon application with a foreign passport. Subscribers buying the Tourist Beginner’s Pack will automatically be included in the Dünya Küçük option, whereby 5 TL is deducted from their accounts. Within the Dünya Küçük plan calls to international Vodafone operators care charged 0.30 TL / min, and other directions are charged 0.60 TL/min. Subscribers have the right to cancel the Dünya Küçük option if they wish. Vodafone reserves the right to make any amendments in campaign terms , and to cancel the campaign by notifying the BTK within legal rules. Prices include taxes. Valid until 31.12.2018. For details: vodafone.com.tr

Run-out of credit

3 ways to top-up your phone

Visit the nearest Vodafone shop to buy a top-up voucher. Many of our stores have automated top-up making topping up your phone even faster.

Call 7500 and enter the 12-digit number on your top-up voucher, then press #, enter the 5-digit number on your top-up voucher and press # again.

Or send the following SMS ‘’YUKLE <space> 12-digit number on your top-up voucher <space> 5-digit number on your top-up voucher’’ to 7500.

How to check your balance?
Enter *123# and press YES. To check your initial bonus; enter *123#23# and press YES.